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I hired Simply The Best Entertainment to have a DJ for a teenage birthday party. Eric Symons, who said he was the owner, sent a 60 year old guy named Steve Lelfar to do the work. This guy had NO clue when it came to current music, and was 30 minutes late to boot. He was also very short with the kids.

I demanded at least a portion of my money back, and Eric told me to "*** off"

At that point I was furious and 'googled' Eric Symons and found out that he and Steve Leflar have been ripping people off often.

Don't EVER use these people, you will regret it.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Dis dood iz as fresh az im iz da bes dj evah ne played kid n pla at mi prty ih was soo frickin cul

Lodi, New Jersey, United States #958899

Real interesting times we live in. Google searches sometimes produce great results, sometimes not. Bing is catching up.

Santa Rosa, California, United States #718110

It is pretty sad to see Eric Symons continually denying he is partnered with Steve Leflar, the criminal.

Eric stood by Steve while he ripped off so many people. My personal experience is this.

I am an agent with many years experience. Eric hired a band I represented. Then he failed to pay the band, tried blaming Thomas,who had NOTHING to do with this booking, and then finally, Eric sent me to Steve Leflar, Eric's boss. Steve also did the same dishonest game.

Finally, I sued and won my case. I will never do any business with Eric Symons again,and the band remains unpaid. I talk to many other agents who also booked with Eric and were never paid. I will not use my name because I believe Eric's partner, Steve Leflar,who I ultimately took to court, will try and attack me on line.

Steve Leflar knows exactly who I am, and why I sued him and won.

Please avoid Eric and Steve. They are very unethical.

Calistoga, California, United States #697766

Sad. clearly this outfit is crooked


This thing would not be up for so long unless it was true, which it is. Eric and Steve should be ashamed at treating this client so poorly. Eric, I hear, is all over the map when it comes to his temper.


Eric, you may not be the brightest bulb, if what you posted is actually how you feel.

steven Leflar stalked my and my wife on our MySpace page 5 years ago.

He got into an argument with us after he demanded he was right, and could not take us pointing out his mistakes.

The stuff he posted was really creepy. It sounds like you are loyal to him. Remember the caller named John last year? That was our friend. You referred him after we had a friend call you at Simply the Best Entertainent, You also offered us up Lawrence Strings or guitar for the ceremony.

Look. Ron the DJ has also gotten screwed over by this guy. Maybe you guys are still in partnership. If this is true, then you may want to consider the number of victims Steve has burned. You do not want any association with that guy

Concord, California, United States #657846

Steve Leflar started throwing up internet attack websites in July 2009. Eric Symon's stood by his side.

Those are facts.

Now Eric complains about internet terrorism, when he not only worked for Leflar while Leflar committed crime after crime, Symon's even started Simply The Best entertainment on the advice and demand of Leflar.

Now STB Entertainment is tainted by Leflar's deeds. There are literally thousands of pages of bad stuff on Leflar. 50,000 plus pages.Eric may want to re-think his reasoning.He needs to apologize to the music industry and admit he was associated with a crook named Steve Leflar.Or he can keep whining about being a victim, which really makes people sick who were victimized repeatedly by Steven R Leflar. Cry me a river Eric. :cry

to When the Chickens come home to Cotati, California, United States #661115

This is the work of an Internet Stalker. All public records for Simply The Best Entertainment, including my insurance, business liscense, bank account, contracts, etc, show that I am a sole owner since June of 2010. All artists have been paid early from any of my contracts.

Why would I be a front Steven Leflar? He does not book entertainment and has not for several years.

I lost my own artist fees from North Bay Entertainment to the tune of $14,000. Its history is well known.

to Eric Symons Concord, California, United States #661992

Eric is lying once again. He has admitted that Steve Leflar started STB Entertainment in 2008. Steve Leflar provided testimony under oath in a Concord courtroom that he started Simply The Best Entertainment.

It is also a fact that Steve Leflar owned North Bay Entertainment from March 24th 2008 on.

The history of Eric Symons' and Steve Leflar are well known. They are a team.Eric fails to admit booking Steve Leflar as his main DJ in 2010, 2011, 2012 and this year as well. They are partners.It is very easy to set up a business in someone's name, and actually have a partner "off the books" so your excuses are weak.

The fact remains that you were the agent of record for dozens of bands that were burned by your partner.Answer one question in public. Do you admit that Steve Leflar started a company called STB Entertainment? If the answer is yes,, then your argument just blew up in your face. Sorry Eric, but your credibility is weak. Your history of lying is well known.

to Eric Symons Concord, California, United States #661999

Eric, you still owe our band thousands. Why do you keep lying?

Steve Leflar is an internet stalker, and you were still booking this guylong after he had ripped us off and everyone else.What do you mean you do not owe anyone money?

You woe anyone who lost money when you were the agent who booked them, and this includes our band, and many others.

You even admitted in an e mail that steve Leflar was a thief and a liar. You booked our band at Korbel winery. We were never paid. I had the client send me the actual check scans. The money went to Steve Leflar and you were the agent who hired us. We remain unpaid.So do not come here with your sorry excuses and act innocent. You are a liar and a thief and you partnered with the real internet stalker Steve Leflar. How dare you defend him. That is offensive to everyone. Admit yoru guilt. You booked dozens of bands that were not paid.You knew Steve Leflar was ripping them off, and you still decided to work with him. Facts are Facts and you are a known liar Eric Symons.

to Eric Symons #662552

Not true Eric Symons. You stood by as our son was stalked, I was stalked, Thomas was stalked, Gig was stalked, and you supported the stalker.

You worked for him Eric. He called my home you freak! he stalked out son and he was just 12. N ow you stalk Richard and Linda as well?

Has Steve Leflar intimidated you?

You are not a man Eric Lee Symons. You are a snake. You stood by steve Leflar as he ripped off everyone. Everybody is sick of your games. Not once have you called Steve Leflar out for the stalking freak he is. I guess you think it is ok to partner with a child predator? We are all calling you out on your dishonesty. And as far as 14,000, you lost your court case to Thomas when it was discovered that Steve Leflar owed you the money, you BS artist.

Your history is well known Eric Symons. I suggest you google Steve Leflar Eric Symons and learn your true reputation, not the one you are trying to sell here. You swore loyalty to Steve Leflar. How is that working out for you Eric?

to Eric Symons #662557

Eric, come on. You lost both court cases. The judge made it clear that your boss, Steve Leflar, took your money and issued you confirmation sheets.

Furthermore, please be honest. You have worked with Steve Leflar well past 2010.Your association with him continues. Will you please tell everyone here when, exactly, did you book Leflar last?

And you ask "Why would you be a front for Steve Leflar"? Clearly, so he can use you as a front. that is the meaning of the word.

Your argument makes no sense. You e mailed me three days ago, admitting that Steve Leflar started STB Entertainment at the same time you claim to have started Simply the best entertainment. In light of your close working relationship from 2009 to 2012 and the fact that you two clowns stole my company through deceit and manipulation, and then stalked my family and child, why would any thinking human being give you any credibility? I am glad Ron started the websites on you and Steve. You have partnered with a true psychopath. The reason you will not condemn Steve Leflar is that you, Eric, fear him. I agree with everyone here,. You are a slime bag to have stood by Steve while he attacked me, my son and his mother.And maybe Gig would like to google his name company name in association with Leflar's attacks. How is Angela? How is Solage? How is Hot House? Eric, take a stand and be a man. Condemn the child stalker Steven R. Leflar. Oh I forgot, you are not a man. Ron has two websites on you two . There are two more going up.I will hold off on making one myself. When your enemy is busy committing suicide, stay out of the way.... 8)

to Eric Symons #662679

Eric, I hate to say it, but you are once again not being genuine. You were hired by Thomas in 2005 or so. You did many events all over the valley and we took you in.

You say you are the sole owner of Simply the Best, but even recently, Steve Leflar was quoted on Sharon's website as being Simply the Best Entertainment.

You have hired him as a DJ again and again. I know. We all know.

I was recently shown court documents that prove that your "artists fees" are owed by, you guessed it, Steve Leflar. Here is why people are so upset with you. You booked many many great bands that were never paid. Did you take the money personally? who knows? It does not matter. You worked for Steve Leflar while he stole and lied. You worked for him while she stalked Thomas, his son, their mother and others. You have not said one word about Steve Leflar and that is what is really a shame. You worked for a child stalker Eric. You booked this stalker as a FJ even late last year. I was at the wedding. So forgive me for saying this, but your credibility is getting lower by the hour. If you ever want to redeem yourself, you better start to disassociate yourself from Mr. Leflar. By the way, he even e mailed our company under the name consumerjustice88. Your history is well known over the course of the last three years and I suggest you start on the road to redemption by apologizing to Thomas, Faranak, and especially their son.

I do not blame them one bit for being disgusted by your dishonesty and manipulations. If Steve Leflar has you over some kind of barrel, then step up and act like an adult or consider yourself an associate of a psychopath. Can you please tell everyone when you last worked with Steve Leflar? You say 2010. that is not true is it Eric Symons.

to Mary #683127

I was never paid by Eric Symons on a booking he did. I no longer work with him.

Eric knows who I am and knows I do not lie. I will not take any work from Eric or Steve Leflar ever again.

I personally know other musicians who were never paid, and I also can see that the "Simply the Best Entertainment" website is just the Star Sounds Productions website under a different name.

Eric is not respected by the musicians. And only a fool would trust what this person says.

to Eric Symons #682517

No Eric. I spoke to you two days ago when you called my cell phone from a restricted number and told me "Steve Leflar ripped me off for 17,000"

You constantly change your story. Your history is well known, including the fact that you convinced many bands to work with you and Steve, and then you two idiots never paid them Nobody buys your "victims story"

Your boss, Steve Leflar, is actually the person who controls the puppet strings.

In the phone conversation you had with me, when I asked you why Steve Leflar was stalking a child, you whined about your own reputation, showing no remorse for the pain and suffering you have caused Thomas's family and so many musicians. How come Notable does not work with you? Why did I e mail Dee today? To show you that NOBODY is going to put up with your lies.

You and Steve Leflar are completely exposed as *** artists and predators.

I am very happy to see some videos with court documents being aired. I have in my hand testimony that Steve Leflar gave under oath in a Concord Superior Court Room that Steve Leflar stated under oath that he started Simply The Best Entertainment in 2008. I spoke to Ron, who I believe and since he was your 17 year employee, he assured me that both you and Leflar are liars. You showed me how dishonest you were yesterday when you stalked me and then tried to dodge my questions. Once again, what does STB entertainment stand for? You liar.

Napa, California, United States #656743

I see this link is getting lots of hits. I have nothing good to say about steven r leflar, who is every bit the criminal people say he is. I know.

but I have uncovered evidence that this Ashley lady did not use Eric as her music agent, so this post may be unfair to Eric.

Eric has assured me and others that he wants nothing to do with Steve Leflar ever again. steve Leflar is so exposed at this point, Eric would not dream of even referring him. But this Ashley person seemed to have hired a different DJ, not Leflar. Just being factual. Finally, Eric is a good guitarist.I hope he continues to find work playing for people.. Leflar, on the other hand, just needs to go away.

to Thomas Sonoma, California, United States #662220



Walden, New York, United States #655265

Looks like some people are spamming over stuff on this guy.He is supposedly named as "Worst DJ of 2013"

Nice career move.

Good luck getting hired ever again

James City, North Carolina, United States #653752

This is that cross dressing DJ all over the internet..Weird

Calistoga, California, United States #650049

I love Steve Leflar's new gig, as a cross dressing DJ who does a very clumsy Chicken Dance.

You reap what you sow, and Steve Leflar has no chance of ever recovering from that!

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