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I hired Simply The Best Entertainment to have a DJ for a teenage birthday party. Eric Symons, who said he was the owner, sent a 60 year old guy named Steve Lelfar to do the work. This guy had NO clue when it came to current music, and was 30 minutes late to boot. He was also very short with the kids.

I demanded at least a portion of my money back, and Eric told me to "*** off"

At that point I was furious and 'googled' Eric Symons and found out that he and Steve Leflar have been ripping people off often.

Don't EVER use these people, you will regret it.

Monetary Loss: $600.


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Dis dood iz as fresh az im iz da bes dj evah ne played kid n pla at mi prty ih was soo frickin cul

Lodi, New Jersey, United States #958899

Real interesting times we live in. Google searches sometimes produce great results, sometimes not. Bing is catching up.

Santa Rosa, California, United States #718110

It is pretty sad to see Eric Symons continually denying he is partnered with Steve Leflar, the criminal.

Eric stood by Steve while he ripped off so many people.My personal experience is this.

I am an agent with many years experience. Eric hired a band I represented. Then he failed to pay the band, tried blaming Thomas,who had NOTHING to do with this booking, and then finally, Eric sent me to Steve Leflar, Eric's boss. Steve also did the same dishonest game.

Finally, I sued and won my case. I will never do any business with Eric Symons again,and the band remains unpaid. I talk to many other agents who also booked with Eric and were never paid. I will not use my name because I believe Eric's partner, Steve Leflar,who I ultimately took to court, will try and attack me on line.

Steve Leflar knows exactly who I am, and why I sued him and won.

Please avoid Eric and Steve.They are very unethical.

Calistoga, California, United States #697766

Sad. clearly this outfit is crooked


This thing would not be up for so long unless it was true, which it is. Eric and Steve should be ashamed at treating this client so poorly. Eric, I hear, is all over the map when it comes to his temper.


Eric, you may not be the brightest bulb, if what you posted is actually how you feel.

steven Leflar stalked my and my wife on our MySpace page 5 years ago.

He got into an argument with us after he demanded he was right, and could not take us pointing out his mistakes.

The stuff he posted was really creepy. It sounds like you are loyal to him. Remember the caller named John last year? That was our friend. You referred him after we had a friend call you at Simply the Best Entertainent, You also offered us up Lawrence Strings or guitar for the ceremony.

Look. Ron the DJ has also gotten screwed over by this guy. Maybe you guys are still in partnership. If this is true, then you may want to consider the number of victims Steve has burned. You do not want any association with that guy

Concord, California, United States #657846

Steve Leflar started throwing up internet attack websites in July 2009. Eric Symon's stood by his side.

Those are facts.

Now Eric complains about internet terrorism, when he not only worked for Leflar while Leflar committed crime after crime, Symon's even started Simply The Best entertainment on the advice and demand of Leflar.

Now STB Entertainment is tainted by Leflar's deeds. There are literally thousands of pages of bad stuff on Leflar. 50,000 plus pages.Eric may want to re-think his reasoning.He needs to apologize to the music industry and admit he was associated with a crook named Steve Leflar.Or he can keep whining about being a victim, which really makes people sick who were victimized repeatedly by Steven R Leflar. Cry me a river Eric. :cry

to When the Chickens come home to Cotati, California, United States #661115

This is the work of an Internet Stalker. All public records for Simply The Best Entertainment, including my insurance, business liscense, bank account, contracts, etc, show that I am a sole owner since June of 2010. All artists have been paid early from any of my contracts.

Why would I be a front Steven Leflar? He does not book entertainment and has not for several years.

I lost my own artist fees from North Bay Entertainment to the tune of $14,000. Its history is well known.

to Eric Symons Concord, California, United States #661992

Eric is lying once again. He has admitted that Steve Leflar started STB Entertainment in 2008. Steve Leflar provided testimony under oath in a Concord courtroom that he started Simply The Best Entertainment.

It is also a fact that Steve Leflar owned North Bay Entertainment from March 24th 2008 on.

The history of Eric Symons' and Steve Leflar are well known. They are a team.Eric fails to admit booking Steve Leflar as his main DJ in 2010, 2011, 2012 and this year as well. They are partners.It is very easy to set up a business in someone's name, and actually have a partner "off the books" so your excuses are weak.

The fact remains that you were the agent of record for dozens of bands that were burned by your partner.Answer one question in public. Do you admit that Steve Leflar started a company called STB Entertainment? If the answer is yes,, then your argument just blew up in your face. Sorry Eric, but your credibility is weak. Your history of lying is well known.

to Eric Symons Concord, California, United States #661999

Eric, you still owe our band thousands. Why do you keep lying?

Steve Leflar is an internet stalker, and you were still booking this guylong after he had ripped us off and everyone else.What do you mean you do not owe anyone money?

You woe anyone who lost money when you were the agent who booked them, and this includes our band, and many others.

You even admitted in an e mail that steve Leflar was a thief and a liar. You booked our band at Korbel winery. We were never paid. I had the client send me the actual check scans. The money went to Steve Leflar and you were the agent who hired us. We remain unpaid.So do not come here with your sorry excuses and act innocent. You are a liar and a thief and you partnered with the real internet stalker Steve Leflar. How dare you defend him. That is offensive to everyone. Admit yoru guilt. You booked dozens of bands that were not paid.You knew Steve Leflar was ripping them off, and you still decided to work with him. Facts are Facts and you are a known liar Eric Symons.

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