Steven Leflar, a criminal and *** artist originally from Concord California, has fled investors and victims, and ended up somewhere in the Sacramento area of California.

Leflar, who has lost over 10 law suits to victims, is also a stalker and creator of websites that reek of paranoia.

Steve Leflar's employee, now posing as the owner of Simply the Best Entertainment has been on our radar for about a year and there is a video we hope you all enjoy.

Eric Symons, who was asked by Leflar to provide a cover for Leflar's criminal activity, is a long term business associate of Leflar. They created three websites designed to attack their accusers. Their victims list numbers over 30 musicians.

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Leflar is a thief

Walnut Creek, California, United States #679805

Wow ! Read through this . Fact checked the legal court documents and they are true.

Video is long, and in some parts you need to speed read it.but overall, it is a pretty damning indictment on Steve Leflar

I am also a victim of these two.

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