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We hired Simply The Best Entertainment out of Cotati, California to provide DJ entertainment for a birthday party for my sister. I was disappointed in the sound system. It didn't sound any better than my Bose clock/radio. The DJ had zero personality. I could just as well have had my IPod hooked up and running for all the DJ contributed.

Eric, the owner or manager, seemed to be more interested in defending his mediocre DJ than in listening to my concerns.

I later googled Simply The Best Entertainment to find reviews (which I admit is something I should have done proir to hiring them) and found all kinds of negative comments. All in all, I won't be using them again.


Christine Wilkins

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Eric likes to blame Thomas, Linda, Cindy, Ron, and all his other enemies.

The facts are clear.

Eric Symons has booked over 40 musicians that never got paid.

He is a thief and he owes me

Bill Dekiper

Cotati, California, United States #699961

This is the work of my Cyber Stalker, Thomas Schoenberger, who is a criminal that is stalking my business. This is not even a real customer of mine, and is false, misleading and part of Schoenberger's conspiracy to destroy my business.

See who he is at www.northbaye.net. This man is very sick and I am his former employee. He is mad because I took him to court, where he committed perjury by claiming that he did not own his own business.

The web site will demonstrate otherwise. This is not even a real client, and my business is primarily live entertainment!!!!!

This man Thomas also is a computer hacker, beware!!!!!

to Owner of Business San Francisco, California, United States #768865

Looks like Eric Symons may need to explain why Steve Leflar's number has been on his website.


Eric is busted for the world to see. Thanks Ron.

The truth wins.

to Owner of Business Los Gatos, California, United States #806349

This man Eric Symons is lying, Eric and Steve Leflar co founded Simply the Best Entertainment together, after stealing from dozens of innocent musicians.

Eric likes to call people who complain about him "stalkers" In fact, Symons has called my ex wife, girlfriends and even 13 year old kid. I reported him to authorities and consider a 300 pound man harassing a 13 year old to be a crime.

Eric Symons and Steve Leflar are criminals. in my opinion. I lost 80,000 dollars to these two when they stole my business as my wife and I were dealing with our son developing a bone tumor, which kept me away rom my business for 7 months.

Eric Symons is not a *** man, despite his morbid obesity and penchant for lies. He is slick.

But do not believe a word this man says. There are many many victims and our family is only one.


If you look close enough, you will find that the Dj mentioned in this post os probably Steve Leflar, a really creepy person. This DJ is concisered by everyone who hires him to be un-naturally quiet. really remote, and has a short fuse. A real weirdo in other words.

We dealt with him and he ended up becoming unhinged. It was really weird.

He is knows to work with Eric Symons closely. These two are always in trouble


The dJ for the event is Steve Leflar, a child predator who is Eric Symon's secret boss.

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